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About Janet

Who is Janet Cole? That’s a question that seems to have an ever-changing answer.

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, computer geek, writer, and most recently, gym owner. I love home improvement projects, motorcycle rides, working out, and anything that involves spending time with my husband and my daughter.

But that’s just my titles and interests. The best way to explain me is to tell you about the last several years of my life…

At thirty-two years old, I went from living a dream to enduring my worst nightmare. Diagnosed with breast cancer, I underwent bilateral mastectomies and began the process of reconstruction. (New title added—cancer survivor.) My husband, Randy, battled with me through two surgeries and countless doctors’ visits.

Eight months after my diagnosis, life appeared to be returning to its blissful normal. Then came the heart shattering words every police wife fears—“Randy didn’t make it.” One phone call destroyed my happily-ever-after. “Til death do us part” became reality, and I acquired a new hated title—widow.

As the months and years passed, life as a widow and single mom (yep, another title I despised) weighed on me, and loneliness often reared its ugly head. God and I had many blunt and interesting conversations about love and my future.

“God, if I can’t have as good of a marriage or better than mine and Randy’s, I’d rather be single.”

“I’m not looking, God, so if you have somebody for me, you’re going to have to plop him down in this little town and maybe hit me upside the head with him.”

“I don’t want to date around, God. Can I please only date the man you want me to marry?”

My prayers became more urgent and desperate as time went on. I was healing and living my new normal, but I still ached for someone that Jadyn and I could share life with. God used my frustration to show me how to pray specifically, and a few times, how to pray just plain crazy.

Almost five years after Randy’s death, God brought Jay into our lives. A stupid silly smile appeared on my face and never left. Together, all three of us have learned to laugh and love again.

After dating for eighteen months, Jay pulled off the perfect proposal and even proposed to Jadyn, asking her to be his daughter.

On June 12, 2015, I walked down the aisle with Jadyn and my dad on either side. Tears spilled down my cheeks as I locked eyes with Jay. God fulfilled His promises. He had answered every single crazy specific prayer I’d prayed.

So, who is Janet Cole? I’m a very blessed and ridiculously happy girl who has learned to cherish life, believe in miracles, face her fears, watch for God things, and pray crazy.

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